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    Supporting Local Communities

    Ceigen Ltd is passionate about providing long-term employment opportunities within the communities in which we work. We understand that education and training are fundamental in addressing issues of aspiration and attainment, thereby creating opportunity for a dynamic, successful and modern local economy.

    We employ local labour and we recognise the importance of recruiting local people and how this can stimulate economic regeneration within the community through wealth circulation.

    Ceigen Ltd makes proposes with our client to employ local people for electrical and instrumentation projects.

    Within this local labour proposition, Ceigen Ltd will:

    • Endeavour to their best to employ a percentage of its workforce from local residents.
    • Endeavour to take on local apprentices.

    Training & Apprenticeships

    Ceigen Ltd is committed to the sustainable future of the industry and will offer training and development opportunities in a wide range of electrical and instrumentation skills.

    Over the forth coming years we are actively seeking and pledging our commitment to young people by striving to provide sustainable employment and skills development opportunities in the community.

    Working in partnership with colleges and other training providers Ceigen Ltd are going to fully support apprentices to achieve recognised trade qualifications leading to careers with Ceigen Ltd and within the wider industry.

    Our key aim is to demonstrated dedicated commitment to helping young people in the local community, develop their prospects and help them become fully qualified electrical and instrumentation technicians.

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