What We Do

Our extensive experience within the Power Industry, allows our team to provide attention to detail while ensuring the best possible quality and system reliability. The company Directors were both C.E.G.B. apprentice trained and have over 60 years combined experience within the EC&I disciplines. Their hands on, working approach is extremely rare for any company.

Ceigen Ltd strives to employ all its staff and operatives from the local community. Over the years we have created a talented, committed staff and workforce to ensure the each contract is carried out efficiently and profitably.

We believe that the way to promote our business is through the development of good working relationships with our clients. To this end, we aim to provide high quality installations in an efficient, friendly manner, on time and to budget. We endeavour to earn the trust and confidence of those for whom we work. Our objective is to provide, within the cost plan, a service of such high quality that continuing business is encouraged.

In all our undertakings we offer a strong Commitment to Quality, Health & Safety, Training and Environmental issues. This positive attitude has, we modestly claim, gained us a good reputation and has resulted in repeat business from many satisfied clients.

Our installation services and past projects include:

  • Miscellaneous cabling works – aluminium cables, copper cables, multicore cables, flexible cables, MICC cables, small cables, Belden cables, screened cables, fibre optic cables.
  • Cable support systems, trunking, tray work, and ducting.
  • Electrical & control equipment construction.
  • Installation & removal of electrical equipment; actuators, motors, transformers, fuse-boards, junction boxes.
  • Defect investigations and fault rectification.
  • Connection of on plant temporary supplies for outage contractors.
  • HP & IP turbine temperature measuring points.
  • Overhaul of field switch.
  • Overhaul of main rectifiers cubicles.
  • Inspection & cleaning of alternator pit and all associated equipment within.
  • Inspection of busbars from alternator pit exit to transformers.
  • Acoustic leak detectors.
  • Air heater fire detection probes.
  • ZoloBoss installation & routines.
  • Project Works Design, Engineering, Purchasing, Installation and Commissioning.

Safety First, Every Project, Every Day.....